Analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing data

To support your research and save your precious time, LifeBytes can provide you with solutions for streamlining for NGS data analysis through effective data management, appropriate analytical strategies and visualization. We are in continuous touch with our customers and we can support requests for personalized and tailored data analysis. LifeBytes offers customized bioinformatics consultancy and services for the entire spectrum of NGS data analysis (RNA-Seq, small RNA-Seq, DNA-Seq, Methyl-Seq and ChIP-Seq). Our services are suitable for biologists with specific questions in bioinformatics, and we can integrate your genomics data with other omic and clinical datasets.


Proteomics analysis and integration

Unlock the full potential of your proteomics data with integrated bioinformatics solutions from LifeBytes. We provide customized analyses for mass spectrometry data and can help with the identification of proteins, targeted proteomics (for example multiple reaction monitoring) and the determination of relative or absolute protein abundance using label-free (for example SWATH analysis), iTRAQ or SILAC experiments.

We can help you with peak detection and annotation, protein identification, quantitative analysis, database mining, and more. To best support your work, our state of the art informatics pipelinessupport data from most spectrometry platforms.


Scalable database management

At LifeBytes, we are used to managing large databases and have Hadoop and scalable architecture skills. Our computer science and statistical analysis skills will be the most valuable part of our support for your projects. Besides our in-depth knowledge of statistics and biological database management, we have complete understanding of biology and research dynamics and therefore we can sort and manage your high-throughput data with precision.


Tailored bioinformatics software solutions

Research projects have different needs, and many researchers lack the local computational power and associated skills for their work. You can choose to use a custom solution with LifeBytes that will accelerate your research through making full use of the cloud computing. LifeBytes acts as your own bioinformatics team who can create automated solution working with your data to answer your specific experimental questions.


Single Cell Transcriptome

To help researchers better navigate the complex and ever-changing field of Single Cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) biology, we at LifeBytes have a dedicated team that is constantly exploring new developments in this field, in order to test and identify the optimal approaches necessary to create an effective scRNA-seq data analysis pipeline. Please refer to our white paper and poster on single cell Bio-informatics solution using an scRNA-seq test case, demonstrating our expertise both in data analytics and biological interpretation.

Download: scRNA pipeline white paper | scRNA pipeline poster


Clinical Genomics

To facilitate hospitals and clinicians for streamlining NGS based gene panel tests, we provide an end-to-end bioinformatics support from planning, setting up cutting-edge analysis pipeline and testing. LifeBytes is providing accreditation compliance support, where the pipelines are developed/modified to comply with the guidelines, perform the necessary tests and documentation to achieve the best standards of various accreditation boards compliance.

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